Welcome to Darjeeling Planters Club , Darjeeling , India

Darjeeling Planters Club

Darjeeling Planters Club, there are only 86 Tea Estates which produce Darjeeling Tea and all of these are in the Darjeeling District and only teas coming from these estates can be called Darjeeling Tea, it cannot be produced anywhere else in the world. Darjeeling, West Bengal, India, Indian Sub-Continent, Asia.


We joined the Darjeeling Planters’ Club for a day. This was a nice place to chill and drink lots of really good tea under the watchful gaze of huge ibex skulls on the walls. Marcus rather enjoyed a spot of tea at the Planters’ Club. They required proper pinkie etiquette. 


We chose room 4, a wonderful wood-panelled room with a sitting room beside the balcony overlooking Darjeeling town and the mountains, a spacious bedroom with a log fire to take the chill off in the cold evenings, a luggage room and bathroom with a big old-fashioned bathtub.

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